Plate Heat Exchanger Reconditioning

If plate heat exchanger performance lags, we do provide a reconditioning service to improve performance & thermal efficiency. Also the plate heat exchanger, which comes out from scrap ships, undergoes through an exhaustive reconditioning process with OEM standard.

The Reconditioning Services Include:

  1. Disassembly and visual inspection to determine components that can be reconditioned and those that need replacement.
  2. Removal of glued gaskets, usually with the use of special nitrogen de-bonding systems.
  3. Plate Cleaning
  4. Dye-penetrant testing, if required, to verify plate pack integrity.
  5. Preparation and application of new gaskets to the plates according to updated material specifications
  6. Pressure testing of Plate Pack.
We also provide a range of spares & services for All Brands, which enables you to get all spare parts, reconditioning services & Complete Reconditioned unit for all makes of plate heat exchangers from a single source. Our technical dept. can also provide a complete cooling / heating solution by designing a PHE as per custom requirement.